Experienced Engineering

Our team of experienced Professional Engineers is available to provide technical support on your Retaining Wall Projects. From preliminary feasibility studies to comprehensive, Engineer-Sealed (in some regions) Engineering Drawings, complete with quantity take-offs, full calculations and details.

Risi Stone’s decades of experience in the Design, Construction, and long-term performance of Segmental Retaining Walls makes our Engineering Team uniquely qualified to handle the most complicated and technical applications you may have. With the longest track record of proven installations in the industry, you can trust that your Project will look good and perform for many decades to come.

Our Block Design Simplicity Guarantees Performance

Accurate SRW Design assumes a number of important factors such as the Block Unit Weight, Shear Strength, Block/Grid Connection Strength, and Wall Alignment. With our engineered walls, all of these elements have been designed and built right into the Block. Designers can rest assured the structural properties are guaranteed to be exactly as they have assumed in their designs. There is no need to fill the block core with gravel and compact to guarantee the unit weight, or ensure connectors and pins are correctly installed for proper shear strength, alignment and grid connection. Our solid block is installed “as-is”. It’s that simple.