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SIC Code 1: 69109 – Activities of patent and copyright attorneys; Other legal activities, n.e.c. SIC code 2: 70229 – Business advice (excluding tax management) SIC code 3: 82110 – Combined office services SIC code 4: 82990 – Business support activities, n.e.c. 69109 – Activities of patent and copyright attorneys; other legal activities not elsewhere classified are Wyposażone stanowiska pracy oraz miejsce do spotkań z klientami. Sprawna i ograniczona do minimum formalności rejestracja firm w UK. Adres rejestrowy dla firm i podmiotów, których celem jest rynek brytyjski. 2ND FLOOR, BLOCK H 286C CHASE ROAD SOUTHGATE OFFICE OFFICE VILLAGE LONDON N14 6HF Navigate Last confirmation statement dated January 7, 2022 Next invoices closed by March 31, 2022 due no later than December 31, 2022 “Company jest jak najbardziej nastawiona na potrzeby klienta. Elastycznosc i profesjonalizm stawia WRS na bardzo wysokiej pozycji wśród firm o podobnym profilu. I would recommend WRS Legal to my friends because of the client`s human approach and the friendly and positive nature of the company. The virtual office is a way to register a company at a London address and use full office and secretarial services without the founders having to be physically present in the UK.

Availability of the necessary tools to expand in the UK market. Infrastructure ready for customer acquisition, knowledge and experience. 82110 – Combined Office Management Services “Working with WRS Legal, I attach particular importance to communication excellence. My company`s service runs smoothly and professionally. I believe that our cooperation leads to the success of my business. “WRS Legal definitely recommends it to anyone who needs a virtual office to support their business. The quantity and quality of services provided are at a very good level. WRS jest po prostu friendly. » 82990 – Other Business Support Services Not Elsewhere Classified WRS LEGAL ADVISERS LTD. is a limited liability company incorporated on 10/03/2010 under company number: 07185180. The company`s country of origin is: United Kingdom. Next filing date 7 January 2023 due by 21 January 2023 Z uwagi na różne modele biznesu naszych klientów w WRS Legal każdą firmę traktujemy indywidualnie i z jednakowo profesjonalnym i rzetelnym podejściem.

Wierzymy, że zadowolenie i sukces wyrastają na gruncie wzajemnego poszanowania i zrozumienia. 70229 – Business Consulting (excluding Financial Management) Ask for a quote from nearby professionals. First, select a category below.

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