Personal Branding for Legal

If your goal is to become a partner, your intrapreneurial activities give your colleagues, who are often geographically dispersed, more than just impersonal metrics like hours billed and fees generated. They are more likely to fulfill you in their commitments and involve you when it comes to showcasing clients` work. You will be aware of your strengths when you have to make decisions related to your advancement within the company. Personal branding is how you want to be perceived professionally by your colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders. Personal branding is how you represent your business. Here`s how you help your employer improve their brand. Nada Alnajafi, founder of Contract Nerds, known for her engaging and substantial content around writing, negotiating, and managing contracts on LinkedIn that comes with a personality twist. To excel as a lawyer, you have to juggle several hats. While it`s constantly about defining your practice through your personal brand, don`t try to separate the two.

2019 is the year of developing your business through your personal brand. As a trusted city councillor, advocate, and advisor, your personal brand is likely to benefit more from your target audience (and workload!) If you need help building your brand from scratch, including defining your mission, vision, style guide, launching a website, and designing a memorable brand, contact us! With a legal background and a doctorate in law, I understand the industry and the effort required to remain visible as a serious lawyer. This makes me uniquely qualified to work with lawyers to launch their brands as sole practitioners or as members of a large law firm. If you keep track of the law, I`ll help you stay up to date! Content marketing like blogging can also help build a personal brand. Lawyers can write and publish high-quality strategic content on various platforms frequented by their target audience. Even outside of the digital world, there are a variety of personal branding options. Lawyers can participate in a variety of community organizations, bar associations and networking events to connect with others who could benefit from their skills and experience. The combination of well-managed social media accounts, an up-to-date website, biographical information on various pages, and positive articles from reputable media can serve to present a credible and compelling personal brand. Personal branding isn`t about having fancy business cards or the Steve Jobs-style turtleneck sweater. Yes, it`s great.

BUT, in a nutshell, your personal brand is YOU. In this context, intrapreneurship is a personal branding activity within a law firm: before advising you on the creation of your personal legal brand, it is important to determine why you need it. The simple answer is that you are one of thousands of lawyers in the UK market, each with potentially similar ambitions. Therefore, you need a way to stand out, and maintaining your own professional brand can do just that. A strong personal brand can be of great benefit for marketing and business development. By standing out from the crowd with a well-designed brand, you organically attract more clients, projects, and opportunities that align with your strengths and goals. A lawyer with a strong personal brand will also attract more media attention. If a journalist needs an authoritative quote, they will likely turn to a lawyer who has a recognizable personal brand. This step is useful in building and marketing your legal trademark – and beyond.

No matter what project we`re working on, we always tend to see what we want to see. This is no different. The second step in creating your personal legal trademark is to understand the market you want to be associated with. It`s important that you determine who your target audience will be and make sure they like your brand and message effectively. How can you make a name for yourself? To create a reputation, you need to focus and work on a remarkable trait, a valuable trait that sets you apart and makes it known to as many people as possible, through personal branding and effective communication. If the firm`s name is associated with a specific surname and not with a legal boutique or specialization within a full-service law firm, it is a recognizable personal mark of the manager. Also, while everyone talks a lot about the entrepreneurial nature of legal affairs, the professional services field has always connected the people who provide these services. Thus, the personality of a lawyer comes to the fore. Personal branding is about identifying your skills and strengths and then effectively showcasing them so that people around you know who you are and what you stand for. Personal branding is the conscious and conscious effort to promote oneself in order to create and expand one`s influence as an authority and leader. The answers to these questions form the foundation on which you can build your personal brand. Remember that branding is not about turning into something you`re not.

It`s about authenticity and presenting the best possible version of yourself. In the beginning, it can also be helpful to ask trusted colleagues, family, or friends for feedback that will better inform your personal branding strategy. One of the most important pillars of effective branding is giving meaning to your business. What is your WHY? Why do you do what you do? Tan Kien Eng, CEO of Publicis One Malaysia and Leo Burnett Malaysia, noted that although there is a closure in physical stores, there is still a fundamental need for human interaction. In this way, the customer or consumer has a better context to the history of a company. While you may want to consider going digital with your online presence, remember to keep the foundation in place to bring purpose and human interaction into your practice. What differs in the legal field is the level of intimacy lawyers have with their clients. From stormy divorces to harassment cases, lawyers are rightly known as city councillors. Lawyers do their best to be competent experts in their field. They require a certain amount of compassion, empathy and passion.

Giving meaning to your practice will bring an increased degree of differentiation. Jessica Nguyen, General Counsel of Lexion, known as Solo GC of the Year, a voice of choice on LinkedIn and an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. It`s a mistake to say that a personal brand is what you think and write about yourself and how you position your services. In fact, this is what others say/write/think about you. It is necessary to master the information that is produced around you and that concerns your professional activity. When a particular company is chosen as legal counsel, not because it is “just a law firm,” but because it is listed as “that same partner,” it is the influence of the personal brand developed by a lawyer. Once you`ve identified an area of law where you need more training, don`t wait for your current law firm to arrange training for you. Be proactive and search the internet for courses (especially free ones) that you can take. When it comes to fees, certainly ask your employer, but be prepared to dip into your own pockets if the answer is a resounding “no.” As a former practicing lawyer and marketing professional, my best personal branding advice for lawyers is to be consistent. First, decide what message you want to convey to customers, and then determine how you want to present that message. Get professional help choosing a font, creating a logo, and designing marketing materials. Make sure your website and print marketing materials (including brochures, business cards, note cards, and presentation folders) reinforce the same message.

Being consistent will help you grow your practice with the right clients. And let`s face it. All these statements resonate. As an assistant lawyer in the UK, I struggled to represent myself effectively for a long time. Self-representation, networking, and personal branding, such as strong muscles, are skills that need to be honed and practiced, but they are skills that can be built. So when it comes to personal branding, let`s break down what it takes to build a successful business – and a brand – as an advocate. Maintaining your legal trademark also involves keeping it under tight control at all costs. While you may decide to take a break from networking, it`s imperative that it doesn`t make you stop completely.

If you take your eyes off the ball and something bad happens, everything could fall apart.

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