Oregon Minor Name Change Forms

See also: Oregon Judicial Department, Name Change Information » Even if you change your Social Security number, the Social Security Administration will associate your old and new names. You may also share this information with federal and state agencies, including law enforcement agencies. Your credit report can also link your old and new names. In the state of Oregon, you must apply to a judge for a name change in your district court. Name changes are rejected for one of the following reasons: After receiving a name and legal name change document, the next step is to notify the Social Security Administration and obtain an updated Social Security card. At the end of this step, the legal name change becomes official. In addition, obtaining a corrected and updated Social Security card is essential to change the name on other forms of identification. An Oregon Name Change Form allows Oregon residents to apply for a name change as long as the reason for the change does not affect the law or personal financial obligations. The most important circumstances in which people change their name are after marriage (and they want to take their spouse`s name) or after divorce (where they want to change it again to their name before marriage). Both of these name change procedures are very easy to perform.

If someone wants to change their name for personal, religious or other reasons, they have to go through the petition process. Although this option takes longer, the process of changing the name in Oregon remains quite simple compared to other states. There is no minimum requirement for how long you must reside in the state before applying for a name change, and anyone over the age of eighteen (18) can apply. A parent or guardian may request a change of name for a minor (under eighteen (18) years of age). If the child is under fourteen (14) years of age, consent is not required. While some updates to your voter registration can be made online, name changes can only be made by completing a new voter registration form. It is important to note that the name in the “Personal Information” section must be your new name. At the bottom of the form is a section where you can enter your previously saved name. Send the voter registration form to your county polling station so they can update your information. Voter registration can be updated up to election day, but your ballot may need to be delivered to the polling station. Once the time limit has passed, go to the courthouse and bring your photo ID and the child`s birth certificate (or a certified copy). Remove (Form 4) from the bulletin board or where it was posted and bring (Forms 4, 10 and 11) to your hearing.

If there is no objection to the change of the minor`s name and the judge considers that the change is in the best interests of the child, he or she signs (Form 11). The following list contains the forms required to request a change of name from a middle name. It is recommended that you contact your county court clerk and ask if there are any other county-specific forms you need to fill out. Follow all the steps carefully and fill out the forms in the appropriate order according to the instructions. Do not fill out all forms at once. The process of changing a minor`s name in Oregon is similar to that of an adult. However, a parent or guardian must file the application on behalf of the child. The main difference between the adult and minor name change processes is that a minor`s name change application requires more forms.

These forms deal with obtaining consent from the parties involved. Both forms can be submitted with the person`s current passport, original or certified name change document, and color photo ID. Complete the form to change the general judgment on the name (Form 5) and complete all the fields that apply to you, but leave the judge`s signature and date fields blank. The judge will conclude this if he decides to grant you the name change. People who wish to change their name without marriage or divorce proceedings must file an application with the court using the following basic forms: You must be over the age of 18 and actively participate in the Address Privacy Program” (CPA) to be eligible for a confidential name change. Depending on the person`s existing passport status, the following forms are required for updating: Use an attorney at ContractsCounsel to change your name! (You can also download the thirteen (13) forms with the Oregon minor name change package.) Under Oregon law, you have the right to keep your name after marriage, take your spouse`s name, or combine your name with your spouse`s name. If you want to change your name (take your spouse`s name or combine your names), all you have to do is fill out the marriage certificate with the desired name. Once the marriage is over, the marriage certificate is proof of your legal name change. Applicants must ensure they have the necessary documents and read the instructions for obtaining a corrected card. Once the application is processed (this usually takes up to 14 business days), the SSA sends a new, updated Social Security card with the new name. However, the Social Security number remains the same.

NOTE: All California dishes use the same basic shapes. But some dishes also have special and local shapes. To find out if you need special local forms, contact your clerk or visit your court`s website. Forms can be published on their website. If not, the website will provide the address and phone number of your local courthouse. In the event of divorce, people who intend to return to their old name can apply to the judge who will hear the case for a change of name. Once the judge finalizes the divorce with a court order, the divorce decree reflects the name change and serves as a certified document of the person`s name change. Oregon citizens and residents can change their names through marriage or partnership registration, divorce, or court order.

However, registering a partner`s name after marriage remains the most common method of the three. Name changes do not change the person, but they do change their identity. Therefore, this change must be reflected in government identity records and databases. Download the Application to Change a Minor`s Name (Form 3) and the Notice of Change of Name Hearing (Form 4). Complete all fields except the file number, signature fields and hearing date. You must go before a clerk or notary and show them photo ID. Signature (form 3) in the presence of the clerk/notary. Next, you will be asked to pay the appropriate registration fee (this fee ranges from $80 to $120, depending on the country you are in). Once you have been assigned a file number and a hearing date, enter this information in the appropriate fields on all forms. You must place (Form 4) somewhere in the courthouse (usually there is a bulletin board specifically designed for these types of forms).

Most counties require that this notice be published at least fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing, while others require that the notice be published for thirty (30) days. “Form 1” is your formal request for a name change. Fill in all required fields, but leave the signature field blank. You must sign the petition in front of a notary. (Your district court clerk will likely be able to certify this for you when you file your forms – “Step 4.”) Bring forms 3, 4 and 5 when you see the judge. The judge will ask you questions about your new name choice and make sure that the change is not requested for illegal or fraudulent purposes. Currently, the public can object to your name change. If there is none, the judge signs the General Change of Name Judgment Form (Form 5). The main documents required for a name change after marriage are the marriage certificate and its certified true copies.

Therefore, the following individuals are required to obtain approval and make a name change after marriage in Oregon: Interested individuals can also query local courthouses and repositories for their marriage certificates in Oregon. These registrations are a prerequisite for facilitating name changes in the state. Therefore, a name change cannot be processed in the state without a marriage certificate. If you have minor children, your abuser may be able to find you through information about your child. In most cases, Oregon law does not allow you to change your child`s name without notifying the other parent. In addition, Oregon law generally allows parents to view their child`s school, medical, or government records.

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