Obligaciones Legales De Hijos Con Padres

In our society, everything related to the care of parents for children, the protection of children, children`s rights. Section 39.3 of the Constitution talks about the obligations of parents to children, those obligations, as we know, do not stop at the majority of children, but what about the obligations of children to parents? We do not talk much about this subject, it might seem that only parents have obligations, now that logic makes us think that this is not the case, and so we can say that there are essentially three obligations that exist: the duty to provide food, the duty to be respected and the obligation to contribute to family obligations. We will see these commitments below. In most divorce cases, the parents usually agree to share custody. In fact, family courts believe that this is the best alternative to avoid potential litigation. Not to mention that both parents have the same responsibility. We understand that this is a personal perception of you, because it is incomprehensible that if your parents are “abused”, they will not go to the police to file a complaint. This obligation contained in our legislation does not apply only to adult children. Minors are required by law to respect and obey their parents.

This is what article 155 of our Civil Code states. Children must respect their parents while they are under their authority, and always respect them. Sons and daughters have a duty to care for their fathers and mothers. This is provided for in the Civil Code of our country on the basis of the concept of “giving food”, which is explained in article 143. For this reason, the main doubt of the parents lies in the decision of the courts. In particular, about all factors taken into account when granting custody. This theorem of Socrates (470-399 BC) could be used today by any member of an older generation. Far from succumbing to the temptation of an easy debate on whether or not this is a correct representation of youth, we will focus on children`s legal obligations. Because in this way, children have established a series of obligations that are not moral, but legal.

This is considered a right, because if one parent decides to deprive the other of the opportunity, it is considered a violation by the family court. Even if they are cases as simple as withdrawing permission to pick it up at school. Being parents in today`s society is not easy. The legislation gives parents the duty to care for their children, keep them in their society, feed them, educate them and provide them with holistic education. Article 165 of the Civil Code facilitates the fulfillment of the obligations of minor children towards their parents if they are holders of property that generates income: income or fruits, well, this article makes the parents managers of these assets and can use this income for the cancellation of family obligations, exempting it from its obligation. Every parent has the right to access the child`s medical and school records. Well, it`s the responsibility of both of you to be aware of everything that has to do with your well-being. You can then request this information from the trusted authority. Or even at school. The custodial parent in the United States is entitled to child support. This is because both parents have a responsibility to support the child financially, and because of the separation, it is a way of fulfilling this obligation.

Remember that there are cases where the courts waive the obligation to pay child support if the children miss their studies (suspension and repeat) and also when the children reach a certain age and continue their education. It is generally believed that the mother is the one who should take custody of the children in the United States. However, family courts take an impartial position. In this case, the focus is on the well-being of the child. In general, this is not the first alternative for child care in the United States. However, if they can prove that this would be the most accurate division for their family, some exceptions are likely to be made. The judge found that the mother was exercising the rights and obligations arising from parental authority. And what is contained in the general rule of “maintenance obligation”, this expert tells us, is understood in this double sense: it is not only the parents who must take care of the children when they need it, but that the parents, if they have this need, must also receive this care.

Here, the concept of “need” is important. An important step in rebuilding your family is to know your children`s rights and responsibilities and how they relate to your own responsibilities as parents. It won`t always be easy to fulfill these responsibilities to the letter (you may stumble from time to time), but keep trying. You have the right to know all the important decisions in your child`s life. Even before they are taken. In fact, many custody arrangements are designed so that both parents can do these things together, whichever makes the most sense. The relationship between father and son has changed a lot in recent years. We have moved from an authoritarian system based on parental fear and in which corporal punishment was permitted to a constitutional system that respects the rights of the child and seeks to protect the best interests of the child at all times. This will surely have seemed strange to more than one reader of “children`s homework” in a legal blog. We will not fall into the cliché that children are very spoiled in today`s society, with all the rights but without duties. Generational problems have always existed, and precedents believe that subsequent ones will add to everything.

The younger ones think that the older ones don`t understand them and so on since ancient times. But one thing is clear, adults and young people have rights and duties. Our children have obligations and these are included in our legislation. As family lawyers, we sometimes have to remember this point or open the eyes of many parents. Not to mention existing parent-child obligations. Why don`t we remove the negative connotation of the word “obedience” when it is another form of respect for parents who avoid a lot of difficulties and do their best for their children? We have not received a reply from the Group of the European People`s Party to the details of the amendment it intends to table. What is already contained in the Civil Code is the duty of children to take care of their father and mother, “which is essential for food, shelter, clothing and medical care”. Contrary to popular belief, minors have obligations to their parents.

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