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We are a boutique law firm that provides quality legal advice to clients dealing with complex tax matters. If you need expertise on complex tax matters, contact your lawyers at Mosaic Tax Legal. As a tax lawyer in Sydney, you have the right to private communications protected by law. Mosaic Tax Legal assists accountants, other lawyers and end clients in various industries with a variety of tax issues related to their activities, investments and transactions. As a leading tax firm in Sydney, we serve Australian and international clients who require detailed and complex Australian tax advice. We can also advise clients on the GST margin system and how best to use it for your business. Mosaic Tax Legal is one of Sydney`s leading tax lawyers. To understand and take advantage of the tax benefits and exemptions available, contact us today. Many of our clients are Australian companies operating or expanding overseas and require a specialist law firm to advise them on the tax implications of this process. “I recommend this company because they are the best for us. Kevin the owner is always there for all your needs.

He has a great team. A CPA or accountant is much more important to me than anything else to properly run your business. “This means that all advice and documents between you and your attorney cannot be passed on to third parties, including ATO.” This CPA and his staff are 2nd to none!!! The confidence I have when I know they`re in my corner provides the relief I need to go about my daily business without feeling like I`m dropping the ball. Believe me, I`ve been through other CPAs and this one takes his job very seriously. I always know that he will tell me the truth and prevent me from making the mistakes that other CPAs have overlooked. I also use their accounting department and payroll department and they haven`t disappointed me yet. If we have differences, they are not defensive and respect me by allowing me to stay very involved in the process! I highly recommend the team at Mosaic Consulting and their leader Kevin Ohanesian! Our tax lawyers in Sydney focus exclusively on advising on tax advice, preparing related transaction documentation and representing our clients in appeals and appeals. When our clients need experts who know niche areas of tax law, Mosaic Tax Legal steps in to help them with the services they offer to their own clients. First and foremost, our Sydney tax lawyers provide tax law expertise to accountants and other law firms. Chartered accountants and tax lawyers offer a variety of services and areas of expertise.

For complex tax matters, you may need to contact both. Mosaic is an art form that requires patience, planning, and long-term commitment. The artist must imagine the large image and at the same time place each small tile with precision. We also directly serve end customers for a variety of tax needs. Clients include start-ups and SMEs, ASX-listed companies, real estate developers and SMSFs. The image that Mosaic evokes – many pieces come together to form a larger image – is really a fitting metaphor for who we are as a company. We bring people, information and expertise together to create a complete financial picture for our clients. Of course, we are tax specialists, but we regularly work with financial advisors, real estate lawyers, insurance brokers and other experts. We believe in the power of teamwork, from which our clients benefit the most. If you don`t already have these other professionals in your corner, we`re happy to give you some recommendations to start the process. “I`ve been a customer in one way or another for 5 years.

I am impressed with the company`s customer service. All questions are answered in a timely manner and all monthly reports are delivered on time. Being a customer of this company doesn`t just mean being a dollar sign; It`s about being a trustworthy partner. Our tax lawyers in Sydney also serve foreign companies employing Australia or expanding in Australia, as well as individuals who are planning to relocate or have moved to Australia. He is friendly, good at explaining things (never condescending) and responsive. His team is also fantastic and very professional! I have a payroll manager, Courtney, who I can contact if I have questions about payroll. She is responsive, very helpful and always positive to interact. On the accounting side, I work with Destynee, who is also patient, responsive and extremely knowledgeable.

Kevin and his team helped me go from solopreneur to a seven-person team to apply for S Corp status to save money, while increasing my revenue by 2.5x last year. I look forward to continuing to work with them as I aim to grow at least twice as much this year! Their guidance and support throughout the process was invaluable! “I only started working with Kevin and Mosaic a few months ago, both for my business and my personal taxes, and I was very grateful for the attentive and personalized service. I feel like I`m working with a trusted partner who cares about my interests, is organized and responsive. I feel very well taken care of by Kevin and his staff. “I`ve been a Mosiac and Portland Payroll client for about nine months. Kevin was recommended to me by two business owners, independently of each other. It was great to work with him and his team! During our first meeting, Kevin spent an hour with me to learn more about my business and how he and his team can best help. Then, earlier this year, he sat down with me for another hour to discuss my business and financial goals for 2020 and helped me develop additional marketing strategies for growth. If you need expertise in niche areas of tax law, contact Mosaic Tax Legal as a tax lawyer in Sydney. Mosaic Tax Legal is a Sydney-based law firm that focuses on assisting clients with a range of state, state and international tax matters. Mosaic Tax Legal is based in Sydney, but serves clients in Australia and around the world.

We use a variety of conferencing technologies to support our clients in the way that works best for them. No matter where you are in Australia or around the world, we ensure that you are well supported and well-equipped to make the most of your tax situation. “Kevin, Lindsy and the rest of the Mosaic team did a great job for us! Kevin did some research and found that turning our business into an S-Corp made sense for us. He and the team guided us every step of the way. They now do bookkeeping and payroll accounting. They have greatly relieved our company. Thank you!! ».

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