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Shopify offers a great tool to generate your terms and conditions without paying. Thus, you only have a simple proofreading to do. Also, you need to adjust some of the mentions. For example, indicate that you are dropshipping or that your return policy is slightly longer, etc. These three elements are essential documents that you can automatically generate on your dropshipping site and that protect you and the buyer. They transmit information, obligations and allow any organization or external person to easily identify you and thus contact you. Here is the difference between the different mandatory pages and the mentions in your online store. It is important to know that these elements correspond to both a dropshipping site and any other website for any use of the moment. You can sell a product or, for example, enable free registration.

It is also possible to send content or others. You must include a link in your website. This link must allow access to these different data. It`s best to create a “Legal Notice” page through Shopify that displays the company name, legal form, branch or head office address, and amount of a company`s share capital, or your first name, name, and address if you`re a sole proprietor. In addition, you publish an e-mail address and telephone number, the name of the person responsible for the publication and the registration number in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) as well as the intra-community VAT identification number. 151 O`Connorrez-de-chaussée Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2L8Canada 1-613-241-2828 In case of particular company or doubt, you must make an appointment with an expert who can write and customize the different mentions of your website. Do not copy the legal notices of your competitors and the general conditions of sale, they are illegal and easily recognizable! a. “Shopify Contracting Party” means Shopify International Limited, a private public company incorporated in Ireland under registration number 560279, whose registered office is at 2nd Floor Victoria Buildings, 1-2 Haddington Road, Dublin 4, D04 XN32, Ireland, VAT number IE 3347697KH and whose website is located at The application acts on your online store; Settings> Legal, it automatically generates legal notices. If you or a customer know or suspect violations of the email service requirements, please notify Shopify at

Shopify will decide, in its sole discretion, whether or not to comply with the email service`s requirements. Create, edit and publish your General Terms and Conditions of Sale, mandatory and legal notices in a few clicks! On these pages, you then place the text that has been generated and adapted to your business. All I am saying is information. I am by no means a lawyer or anyone else, but I guarantee you that you have an interest 🙂 in it. There are very heavy fines if these mentions do not appear. Once you`ve set up these pages, create 3 separate links in your website`s footer that are clickable and voila! You can purchase shipping labels in the Shopify admin console (“Shopify Shipping”) for delivery of goods you`ve purchased from your Shopify store. In addition to these Terms of Service, your access to and use of Shopify Shipping is subject to the Shopify Shipping Terms, located at (a) if you reside in the United States; (b) if you are located in Canada; and (c) if you are located outside of Canada and the United States. Knowing tax laws, including sales tax, import duties, and annual returns, will protect your assets. And an understanding of labor and labor law will help you avoid setbacks for violations, not to mention treat your employees fairly.

It`s very simple, just create 3 separate pages (or two if you merge the legal notice and of course the privacy policy): There are generators of legal notices or GTC (especially via Shopify). This allows you to access standardized documents, often at low cost. However, the risk of this type of practice is that a competitor attacks you for economic parasitism because your legal notices or general conditions are too similar to theirs. Captain Contract gives you access to a short questionnaire that gives you the opportunity to obtain documents tailored to the specific needs of your business. The privacy policy therefore makes it possible to show that you undertake to respect the data that your visitor, prospect or customer transmits to you. A great free privacy policy generator from Shopify can be found here. It often happens that the imprint and privacy policy are on a single page of your website. You reassure and trust your visitors, prospects and customers by clearly displaying the legal notices Legal notices are simply a set of data to identify the owner of the site and to contact him and verify its legality. There are mentions that refer to its host in order to be able to identify it as well as its webmaster. Basically, it is an identity card of the site and the legal notices are mandatory.

Legal notices are a sum of information to which each visitor to a website must have access. This includes the name, company name, address, and contacts of your ecommerce business. Their job is to inform the public. It is also necessary for a merchant to publish the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) of the e-commerce site. The registration number in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) or the individual identification number (intra-community VAT identification number) is mandatory for commercial activities. Craftsmen enter their registration number in the professional directory (RM).

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