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Licensing Program

In order to effectively expand awareness and availability of Risi Stone products, we’ve developed a licensing program to permit selected individuals to manufacture and sell our products.

With our approval, licensees may operate the Risi Stone license in conjunction with an existing, complimentary business or as a new, dedicated venture. In addition, subject to market potential, licensees may acquire the right to produce the full product line or only certain products. This approach permits licensees to tailor their businesses to local market demand and current operational capabilities.

Our licensees receive the right to use our patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights associated with the products they will be manufacturing. An initial license fee is payable, based upon the specific products the licensee will produce.


The licensee will maintain the right to manufacture the products within a certain exclusive territory, provided that minimum sales volumes are reached. These sales volumes will be set in light of the market potential of the territory.

Our training, advice and assistance is geared to help you manufacture high-quality products meeting our design specifications. While we do not prescribe the way you sell and distribute these products, we will pass on the benefits of our experience by suggesting marketing approaches that may prove successful for you.


With a Risi Stone license, you operate your own business, but have a number of important advantages over someone who is truly on their own. In many ways you have the best of both worlds — the freedom and independence of being your own boss and the support and recognition of being associated with a larger system.


  • General standards and specifications for physical premises needed to produce, store and display the products.
  • List of all necessary machinery, moulds, equipment, fixtures and accessories.
  • Specifications for raw materials and supplies.
  • Initial training covering production of the products and product applications.

  • Use of our patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to offer unique products. And as our system grows and awareness of our product expands, use of our established  and  respected  trademarks will assume even greater value.
  • Referrals from head office, where possible.
  • Access to customer lists.
  • Ongoing research and development of new products and methods.
  • Advice based on our years of experience in the business and periodic seminars covering production,  operational,  and marketing issues.

Our prospective licensees are carefully assessed to ensure that they will make a positive contribution to our system and enhance the reputation of our products. While each applicant is evaluated individually, we generally look for the following qualities:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to own an independent business.
  • Track record demonstrating good business and community relationships.
  • Adequate financing.
  • Recognition of the potential opportunities for Risi Stone products.


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