DuraHold – A Strong, Efficient & Classic Option


Project: Public Storage, 30 Brodie Dr.,Richmond Hill

Civil Engineer: Urbtech Engineering Inc.

General Contractor: Maple Reinders

Geotechnical Engineer: Golder Associates

Wall Design Engineer: Risistone Inc.

Wall System and Manufacturer: DuraHold by Unilock

Geogrid Reinforcement:  Stratagrid200 by Strata systems


Apart from industrial strength and stability, keeping a project on schedule is one thing the Durahold System is known for.

In the spring of 2010, the Durahold system once again proved to be a reliable partner during the construction of a new development in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Located at the northeast corner of Leslie St. and 16th Avenue, the site sits atop a naturally south sloping hill. To become usable, the slope was filled and flattened to the property line, requiring a large 5.5m high wall extending the entire length of the property.

During construction of the proposed Durahold retaining wall, site geotechnical inspections revealed poor foundation soil conditions and unexpected groundwater. After discussions between the Wall Designer and the Geotechnical Engineer, it was agreed that the most efficient and effective way to deal with these issues was to replace the poor site soil with gravels to meet the bearing capacity requirements, a move that ultimately delayed construction considerably.

Fortunately, the six square foot, machine placed Durahold unit provided the contractor with superior installation rates which dramatically increased construction efficiency and maintained the tight project schedule. At 200 m in length, and reaching over 5.5 m in height, the Contractor was able to install an average of 1000 sq.ft of wall per day. A 1.8m high chain link fence was core drilled directly into the 2.0 ft thick Durahold unit, providing security and pedestrian safety in accordance with the Risi Stone detail.

Overall, despite the setbacks due to unforeseen soil conditions, the Durahold wall looks great and has performed well and was delivered on time.

Efficient, strong and stable – that is the Durahold System!

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